Other Catering


Other Catering

SR Caterers assure you that words of praise shall reach your ears for the tasty food. The one greatwish that your family will always cherish to hear our event Managers will take good care of your guests, so that you can enjoy yout celebrated wedding with your family and friends. From welcoming to providing thambulam, our catering services shall organise everything.

Our varied menu with a wide category of dishes and cuisine will surely satisfy the wants and desire of the youngsters. Moreover, we adapt our menu according to the host and hence you can have a desirable combination of interesting dishes. In this regard, we help you select the perfect menu with the aim of offering delicious food that blends with the joy of the event.

We do take the following type of menu lists.

  •   Reception Girls
  •   Vegetables Carving
  •   Pop Corn
  •   Punchi Mittai
  •   Mehandi
  •   Bangles
  •   Tattoos
  •   Bafoons
  •   Balloons
  •   Mickey Mouse
  •   Chocolate Fountain
  •   Aarathi Plates
  •   Chenda Mela (Kerala)
  •   Chariot
  •   Car Services
  •   Nail Polish
  •     etc…

SR Caterers procures the freshest ingredients available and carefully prepare each food item with the best of the cooking system. By customizing your event to fit your particular needs, we help in delivering the cuisine with a smile.

SR Caterers offer a comprehensive catering service for events with a team of expert chefs. Contact us to create a memorable dining experience.